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ABOUT Kelly Ross Design Studio

Choose your own adventure.

Kelly Ross Design Studio treads softly on our planet and boldly in the built world. We are conscious of how our design impacts upon people and the planet and apply alternative and sustainable solutions to any problem.
Our commitment is to repurpose and use whatever may be overlooked or underappreciated in new ways to divert from landfill and treasure the stories that reverberate in objects that have history Our suppliers & makers are people we trust who work and make from a place of integrity. Our greatest achievement is assisting to express you in a way you cannot yourself by with our ability for story telling & harnessing your unique approach to life and lived experiences. We have a deep understanding of immersive design practices and create sensory & meaningful design for memory making. Our work is a reflection of each unique character or business we work alongside to realise a space in a way was never imagined.
We enable you to truly take up your space.
No job is too large or too small to warrant bold, attention to detail that unlocks living, dining or dancing in a better way. Blending past with the present we create stories for your future.

ABOUT Kelly Ross

Kelly Ross grew up on the edge of a national park in WA, an isolated part of the worlds most isolated city. Being surrounded by the Australian bush landscape honed a deep connection to nature, independence & imagination. Kelly was strongly influenced by her father, a geologist who travelled extensively in search of treasure & her mother, an accomplished psychoanalyst working with people displaced within society, pushed to the fringes of what is acceptable. From an early age, travel was necessity & she accompanied her father on several research trips including gold panning in the depths of the Amazon River.
She earned a double degree in Human Environment Design & Set Design & Construction at Curtin University, before moving to Melbourne to pursue a career with large touring musicals. 13 years of national & international touring as resident Props Maker / Head Prop Operator & Scenic Artist instilled resourcefulness & a tireless ability for creative problem solving. This time forged a deep & intuitive love of enchantment, escapism & storytelling. A world based on the suspension of disbelief was matched with precise technical capability to move, prepare & operate multi million dollar theatre shows. The traveling caravan lifestyle was an exposure to art, culture, design & creativity of the highest order. Human environment design combined psychology, Interior design & architectural practices to explore & apply the connection between people & place.
Post grad studies at the International School of Colour & Design in Sydney lead to a position as educator, mentor & public speaker. This was a time of constant learning, collaboration & opportunity to take real world experience to emerging designers. Kelly’s design studio emerged organically & became the driving motivation of inspiration seeking via travel & adventure. The natural progression of Kelly’s experiences, love of art, music & people have been culminated in her approach to design. Kelly’s aesthetic has been shaped by the beauty of the natural world, the raw materials we extract, optimism & the mystery of a '1 off'.

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