Darling House 1842 | The Rocks, Sydney

Assisted Living Boutique Hotel

       Dawes Point, named after William Dawes,
     astronomer with the first fleet,
    is the heart of Sydneys maritime history.
    Joseph Henry Farris erected this Sandstone
      Georgian neo-colonial residence in 1842.
        It stands upon an original sandstone quarry
          built from the blocks that were mined and carved there.
           Darling house holds social, cultural & historical pride
             being one of the single remaining
              freestanding dwellings in the area.

            Amongst rich history, Joseph’s wife Elizabeth,
          commissioned an elaborate avery full of exotic birds.
        These birds, both real and imagined,
      became the inspiration for
     many suites within Darling House.
   Owl, Peafowl, Golden Pheasant, Hyacinth Macaw
  to name a few, were drawn upon for
 palette, artworks, upholstery and custom carpet
 Within its grounds are 13 suits, common lounge areas,
  communal & commercial kitchen, conservatory & gardens
   This project required extensive research of
     the period, furniture & fittings
      to recreate an historically accurate house.

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